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Student Employability... the "Workplace Skills" Gap

Our mission is to offer Colleges and High Schools, a transformational approach, iQ4’s “Project Based” Virtual Internship and Career Placement Program, that will provide students and enterprises the opportunity to define and build workplace skills…the gap that is impacting Student Employability! Students want to differentiate themselves in the workplace and industry is looking to hire students with the right skills. We believe that our Virtual Internship Program will showcase the academic and personal capabilities of individual students through experiential learning. This will lead to enabling students and employers, anywhere in the world, anytime with the information needed to land great career opportunities.

Based on our partnerships with NASA, HSBC, United Nations, and soon hundreds of employers and a continuous list of Universities including: NYU, NJIT, Rutgers, Touro, Penn State, Adelphi and over 50 other Universities, High Schools and Businesses, iQ4 continues to expand our mission of project-based experiential learning.

Customers tell us we are a combination of a Linkedin for students, eHarmony and Facebook for business to “connect students with real world projects”.

Colleges are looking for new ways to address student employability … Students want to apply what they are learning and the skills employers are looking for … Employers can expand their reach to a new virtual workforce! …

  • Students build a digital profile and portfolio based on skills and artifacts that differentiate their capability.
  • Expand and include the alumni community to support the VIP program with the student body
  • Employers engage students to work on "real world" projects virtually, build the workplace skills they are looking for.
  • Employers expand their reach AND reduce their cost in search for great student talent
  • Employers outsource projects to a new virtual "student workforce" - accelerate research and revenue.

This is an exciting opportunity for your institution to join our effort in addressing this growing issue of student employability... "Register Your School for more information.

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United Nations Global Business Incubator
Working with industry leaders looking for law students, cyber-security, international marketing, engineering, agriculture, clean energy.


IT Development, engineering, business, law problem solving, critical thinking, pivoting